Reading World Events To Keep You Grounded Financially
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Reading World Events To Keep You Grounded Financially

I was reading the news about the Earthquake in Japan today and it looks pretty bad. It must be kind of hectic there considering they had another incident not too long ago. For me reading how other people are doing can help to keep you grounded as you constantly remind yourself on what’s really important at the end of the day. Worried about saving enough money to buy that new big screen TV as an example? Imagine if something like this just happened.

While of course money is simply a resource you earned where you can spend it in whatever you can, it’s not a bad idea to constantly see what others are experiencing which can give you a perspective on how you should make sure you are using your resources responsibly as opposed to like a status symbol. What do you think would be most important things to have during unfortunate times like these?

I know for me one thing is you should learn how to live with as minimal resources as possible when you are in a good position to practice, so to speak. It’s almost like what I posted yesterday of developing good habits even when you don’t need it.

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