Reading Public Reviews As A Manager

Reading Public Reviews As A Manager

Today I was actually debating about ordering something at a fast food restaurant because I wasn’t going to be home until very late. I usually avoid doing so as it can be an expensive habit. In looking what was around the area on Google Maps there was a franchised burger restaurant that seemed to be getting horrible reviews for its customer service.

The fact that so many people seemed to be complaining about one particular employee you have to wonder how is the person still there? Usually business owners for restaurants would be dilligent in wanting to hear what people are saying about their food quality and service. But one thing I was wondering is how about if you are simply an employee for a company like a manager? Do you actively pay attention to public reviews to help evaluate worker performance as well?

Surprisingly, most people I know in those position wouldn’t bother with public review sites. I think that is a lost opportunity to get valuable feedback on whether the hiring and training in a company is working or not.

Even when I was working as a regular associate at a retail store I would often look to read what people were saying about us online as the feedback will genuinely tell me if we were meeting and exceeding expectations. There are actually companies that pay firms thousands of dollars to get that same type of customer feedback and insight.

Take advantage of the free data and information that is available for you in these ways to help makw things better I’d say.

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