Reading About The HSBC Tax Evasion Stories

Reading About The HSBC Tax Evasion Stories

There was a lot of news today about documents which apparently showed that the bank HSBC has been helping thousands of individuals evade income taxes. For the most part I am not surprised as in many ways it is silly to assume this kind of thing doesn’t happen. What I am usually surprised about is the notion of someone going through with things like this where they are trading their sanity for money.

For example, I was reading how in one example a millionaire would get so paranoid about covering his tracks that he would do things such as setup a corporation to deposit money and only phone in with the use of a pay phone. Basically, living life in constant fear that one little mistake will get him caught. While I can kind of see why someone who is desperate for cash or in debt would be enticed to live a life like this, why do this if you have more than enough money to live financially free?

Makes me think at some point when you make too much money you lose focus on what the point of making that money was in the first place. Almost like each year you need to remind yourself on what your life goals are to avoid going into that kind of lifestyle when you have so much money.

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