Reaction To Lottery Winnings
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Reaction To Lottery Winnings

Today my mom was telling me how she got four numbers right playing the 649 lottery and wasn’t sure how much she won and asked me if I could find out. So, I just went to the official lottery site and apparently getting four numbers right for this draw yielded a prize of $72.90.

The interesting thing was one of her other numbers was just one digit off from the drawn numbers and looking at the prize pool getting five numbers right would have yielded $2,269.00. Quite a difference. As a result, she mentioned how she was disappointed how she was so close as she really wanted to give a chunk of it to myself and my brother.

I told her though if that ever happened she should just not worry about us as the money isn’t that important. Of course, she persisted. One thing is for sure, I personally admire reactions like that as oppose to say the splurging mentality of acquiring wealth.

That’s actually a good way to see how a person would manage money in general too if you were say looking for a business partner. Example, simply ask a hypothetical question on what they would do if they won. I can say from my experience depending on the answer they give you that usually reflects their values and personalities a lot.

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