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Quickly Moving On To Other Opportunities

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One thing I noticed that a lot of successful people do is that they don’t waste too much time with people who say they are going to do something but don’t appear to be doing it. In their mind, there are plenty of other people who are ready to things going. One example I saw recently was a person trying to raise some venture capital to fund a project and there was a group of people who expressed interest and wanted to go through with it.

However, they didn’t seem to have made a deadline in terms of officially signing on the dot per se. The surprising thing was how fast the person immediately started to go to others in an effort to find a serious people who were ready to make a deal now. This is versus people who would be so excited to find potential investors to the point where they are willing to wait it out in hopes that they will get funding from them in the end.

I suppose that can be a hindrance at times as you sit there waiting for people who in the end may not actually do anything. Usually there truly are a ton of other people who are ready to work and do business now where it’s a matter of finding them.

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