Putting Odd Price Choices To Encourage Specific Sales

Putting Odd Price Choices To Encourage Specific Sales

This was kind of funny where at the supermarket today there appeared to be some large watermelon for sale at $4.98 each. The usual price is almost $8 which semi convinced me to buy one. This was the funny thing as right next to it you can see there were mini watermelons on sale as well which were actually more expensive at $4.99 each. As you can see, these are a lot smaller which would make you wonder why in the world would you not get the larger watermelon at those prices?

It kind of made me wonder if that was done intentionally as a sales tactic to further convince people how good of a deal it is to justify the purchase. For example, if you were ordering from a restaurant where you see all these items listed individually are a lot more expensive than simply buying a combo that gives you everything for cheaper you would most like buy the combo correct? I know many service based businesses often do this as well such as creating packages where they only want people to take say the middle package. To do so they purposely price the top end one at a ridiculous rate and giving the lower tier package virtually nothing to the point where it’s kind of crazy not to go for the middle one.

But I must say, this scenario is odd. The only thing I can think of is that they have to move the inventory of the larger one and this would be a way to do it. Unless people think the mini ones are a lot better for whatever reason of course.

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