Promotion Errors As A Common Money Saver
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Promotion Errors As A Common Money Saver

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The other day I was thinking of some potential gifts for my nephew and so places like Toys R US came to mind. I discovered that there was a coupon that stated you can get $25 off for spending $50 except it originally states that it is for baby products only. However, if you actually used the code on the site it actually worked on virtually everything. So you could get a pretty good discount on things like video games which don’t exactly have a lot of margins for the business usually.

I was thinking how often people who save a ton of money go crazy with findings like these and you may be surprised as to how common these types of errors are. In many cases people simply don’t know it’s an error like here where they just think it’s a coupon code that they then use. Almost like buying products that are tagged wrong in the store where many people just assume it’s a good sale price.

Is it wrong to actively search for these types of things though for the sake of saving money for all your shopping needs? In many cases this is what a lot of people dedicate a lot of time to as at the end they save a ton of money to stay financially healthy.

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