Profits Aren’t Everything They Are The Only Thing – Chapter 4
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Profits Aren’t Everything They Are The Only Thing – Chapter 4

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With a title like “Love your business more than your family” for this chapter I figured this would be some very blunt writing. Interestingly enough, the chapter seemed to focus more on how you should be working as much as possible including the weekends. The main thing where family came in is how it can create the most distractions and excuses for you not to work on your business.

For example, saying that you need to stop working to pick up your kids or taking a whole week off to watch your child’s ballgame. He used an example of a family owned business where there was this lady that had a “family first” attitude and as a result she worked very little. Afterwards, everyone was convinced to just buy out her share of the company and to hire a professional. It resulted in the business making an extra few million a year.

One thing that was really shocking was the materialistic type of comment that was expressed. Essentially, if say your significant other is going to get mad because you are not spending that Sunday with them he implies that is what jewelry and steak dinners are for where that takes less time to satisfy them. He also brought up the point how in this day in age with so many technological advances like the Internet there is almost no reason why you can’t be involved in your business all the time.

It was shocking to read a lot of the stuff in this chapter. The perspective is definitely a lot more number and result oriented I guess you can say.

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