Product Exclusivity

Product Exclusivity

So for my cell phone I was seriously thinking of switching carriers due to the fact that the phone line up doesn’t seem as great as the other options that are out there on top of the fact that I have yet to lock myself in into any kind of plan. What is kind of annoying is that it seems like manufacturers have given different carriers exclusive models which kind of makes the whole experience a tad cumbersome.

In cases like these would you usually care more about say the phone itself or the actual service provider? Logically you would think that the service provider would be more important because if it was bad then the phone is kind of useless anyways wouldn’t you think? But realistically I think most people would actually go with who offered the more ideal hardware for them.

This always interests me from a marketing point of view as sometimes big companies pay a lot of money to have exclusive rights to carry a product as a lot of people share that mentality. I usually tend to stay with the provider first though and adapt with whatever they do offer. The exception in these cases is if the provider tries nothing to semi match the competitor value wise. Example, if they just say “Sorry, we can’t do anything” as opposed to “We could offer you this”.

I think that is the key to competing in that aspect too where if you don’t have the latest bells and whistles you can still compete with good old customer service.

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