Procrastinating On Contract Service Renewals
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Procrastinating On Contract Service Renewals

So my contract for my cell phone expired awhile ago and I have yet to resign a long term contract with my current carrier. Reason being is that there wasn’t really any new phones that I wanted at this point. However, in order to get a lot of the free features that I am currently getting I would need to lock in for at least another year. The problem is that in about 2 months or so there probably will be a phone that I want by then.

So the thing is that I can either pay more monthly now while waiting for the new phone or simply sign for a year and then wait for an even better product down the road. Another thing I was thinking was to simply add an extra $5 monthly fee for things like unlimited text messaging and hold that out for a few months as it could make sense financially.

Too bad the competition didn’t open up here yet as I am eagerly awaiting what that will do for the market.

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