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Pretending To Be Outraged To Negotiate Prices

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There has been quite a few news lately about money and tactics where organizations or businesses have been pulling out of partnerships claiming that they were morally objecting to some of the things that their partners were doing. Therefore, it turned into a scenario where if the other doesn’t change then they won’t get any more money or business from them. In many cases this resulted in people trying to find ways to cater to them.

That brought up a lot of conversations where if you ever want the true answer then you just have to follow the money. An example that was used was how one company claimed that they didn’t want to do business with a certain person because the subjects they talked about were very adult themed. Yet you then see that same company still doing business with another that is a lot worst in that category.

So like there the theory is they aren’t truly outraged as pulling out is more of a business tactic to do things such as negotiating for a lower rate. I don’t doubt that at all and it’s something people should always think about whenever people claim they stopped like say a business partnership because of say moral issues. Many times it is simply about money.

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