Preparing For Grocery Rebate Scams
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Preparing For Grocery Rebate Scams

With Canadians expecting to receive money from the grocery rebate plan apparently scammers are on this too where they are busy sending people fake text and e-mails in hopes to trick people into giving up their personal information and money. You would think this shouldn’t fool anyone considering everything should be automatic for the most part in terms of receiving the funds. But obviously it will fool some still for scammers to even try.

My parents have had the habit of simply asking me first whenever they get e-mails saying it’s an official government message or how they apparently qualified to receive some kind of money. Funny enough, not so much because they think it may be a scam but rather, they aren’t tech savvy and so they assume you will have to go through all this complicated web applications where they instead ask me to take a look.

I guess that works at least to prevent them from being scammed huh? Either way, times like these we need to help people from being scammed as I would imagine for people who really need this it will go a long way for their monthly expense.

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