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Potentially Having To Do Taxes The Old Way

So it was announced recently that there has apparently been some kind of security breach with SSL in general which affects the online tax filing system here in Canada. As a result, online submission services have been closed down for an unknown amount of time. The tax deadline is soon as well which means for many this can mean having to print out the returns and snail mailing it to the appropriate offices.

Feels like such a waste of paper even though this is how people commonly did it a few decades ago. I can only imagine too that the county has less staff to process manual tax returns like this too since more people were using online services. I can only imagine how everyone who buys a tax software and doesn’t pay attention to the news will be in for a surprise when they try to transmit it online only to get a message saying it’s closed.

The official notice is that this is due to the “Heartbleed bug” that is affecting most sites that use SSL. They say they are trying to get it back up soon, but be prepared incase it doesn’t to do things the old fashion way.

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