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Portable Multifunction Devices Value And Tradeoffs

So recently I was thinking that I wanted something small and portable to that will enable me to do some basic Internet/Computer tasks on the road easier and so I was thinking of one of those cheap Netbooks. The prices seem okay as they range from about $299+ or so.

At the same time, I was thinking of getting a data phone with some good multimedia features as I have some plans to do more on the road type of documentations. So when you think about it, usually those phones cost about $300 to $700 and many of them allow you to do a lot these days in terms of applications.

With that, it can kind of makes sense to just invest the dollars that I would have spent on say the Netbook for an even better data phone. Of course, I don’t think there is a phone in existent where the performance would be the same compared to like a laptop. For me in these situations it really comes down to which setup I am most like to use in an everyday occurrence as in this case portability is a big factor.

For example, it’s not uncommon to have a digital camera for pictures and a camcorder for videos if quality is a huge factor. Or like in this situation, you could instead buy a camcorder that records awesome video as well as takes great pictures or a great camera that takes awesome pictures and great video.

I have often found for myself when it comes to portable devices it is usually better to try and get the multifunction device route as I have often found myself not using individual devices to its full extent which is kind of a waste of money. For example, I know that I carry my phone around all the time. The camcorder however is only pulled out for specific events like say a ceremony of some sort.

So then there are those times where there is say a great video you can capture but instead you have to settle for cell phone video quality as that is the only thing you a carried with you on a regular day. So with that thought, it can be more logical to just buy a phone that captures awesome video and just rent/borrow a camcorder if you really need the good quality for a specific time.

I haven’t really seen a data phone that really clicks with me yet though (That includes the iPhone). But in general, the hope is I can find a good multifunction solution save money and redundant aspect of carrying multiple items.

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