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Popular Days To Get Engaged Means More Money Right?

popular days to get engaged 2014

I saw this interesting report from Facebook today where it supposedly shows data on the most popular days that people got engaged back in 2014. Those days were Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and Valentine’s Day. While this is an engagement and not a wedding day, I would imagine that a lot of people spend money on some kind of event or venue to pop the question. With that said, would you ever think of avoiding popular days like these in order to save money since the demand is going to be high?

This seems like one of those situations where a business wins in almost every way as there is no way most will compromise moments like these simply for money right? Do reading statistics like this change your mind in any ways as a regular consumer? A business obviously loves data like these as it gives them the information needed on when people are expecting to spend a lot of money as an example. While that can meet putting out deals to attract people, it can mean price gouging too due to the demand.

Although, when it comes to saving money I heard some people joke that it’s actually better to get engaged on special occasions like Christmas day or one’s birthday. Reason being is that you will never forget what day your engagement was on and money wise you can just celebrate the two days in one. I have never actually met anyone that actually tried that though. Even if they did for that reason they would probably not want to admit it.

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