Plant A Tree Credit?
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Plant A Tree Credit?

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I was looking at the Bestbuy site and how the company offered cell phone owners the option to trade in their old handset for store credit. Essentially, the more recent your model the more money you could get. The interesting thing was seeing what they offered you for models that are non existent. Say cell phones that are 7+ years old.

For these, the site displays that in exchange for your phone they won’t give you credit but will instead plant a tree for you. I was thinking, while it does seem like a good way to dispose your old phone that you have no use of I can’t help to think just the way it is presented will make people unsupportive of the idea. How would you even know that they actually went through with planting a tree too?

I’m inclined to say that most people would rather try to sell it for say $10 themselves and knowing that someone else has a use for it.

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