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Perception of Business Cards

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I saw something funny today as there was a person exchanging business cards with other people. The thing is he was an artist and I guess the mentality of a business card is that they are normally for people who run a traditional business. Example, for many it is strange to see say an event announcer have a business card.

So when this person mentioned he had a business card a lot of people were actually shocked at this as if it is unheard of. I’m starting to think the time will come when business cards will become obsolete as people will probably just use digital means of keeping track of names and numbers. Even for myself for example in many cases to get the other person’s number all we do is simply call each other’s cell phone on the spot and then store the number that the caller ID displays. Just seems faster and more efficient.

But I know a lot of people still use cards for the sake of looking more professional. I notice with an older crowd it is still semi important to have one around. However, with a younger crowd it seems like a lot of people prefer to ditch it if possible. Would save everyone time and money I think too.

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