People Getting Into Crypto Just Based On Seeing Sales

People Getting Into Crypto Just Based On Seeing Sales

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Getting Into Crypto Just Based On Seeing Sales

There have been so much news lately of people selling digital art for cryptocurrencies valued at over a million dollars at time which makes you wonder should you jump into it? I was actually hearing a few artists that I know all of a sudden try and learn digital applications such as Adobe Photoshop in hopes to create and sell digital artwork that will give them the same type of financial success.

Would you jump into an industry in this fashion too because of all the hype where the odds are against you in the sense of you have virtually no experience in the area? I am inclined to say if you treat it like a side hustle of sort where it is all sweat equity then at worst you will probably walk out with some valuable knowledge and new skillsets. But if this involves investing thousands of dollars then that may be a different story.

Foe myself even I am fascinated to try it more for the sake of getting a better understanding of how everything works. Who knows. Maybe I will end up finding something new to do on the side as well with the potential to generate another form of revenue.

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