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People Exploiting Common Law Relationships For Money

This was one of those stories I heard where I can’t believe people do it but at the same time I guess I’m not surprised. I have often heard of stories where people could go through life being extremely responsible financially to the point where everything seems to be set. They have a home, no debt and so afterwards they are now prepared to enter into a relationship. So with this story I was hearing there was a lady that literally got by in life by constantly getting into relationships to drain money out of people and then move on to the next target per se.

This case seemed to be a person taking advantage of common law regulations where apparently people who live within the same household in a relationship for a certain amount of time can be treating as like a married couple where when they split there would be a 50/50 division of the assets accumulated during the relationship. While that may be the overly simplified version of it, apparently there was a person who was literally getting into and leaving relationships right after about two years to take advantage of this.

It just reminds me how unfortunately there are a lot of people in life who will work hard to take your savings if you are not careful.

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