Paying To Get Something Fixed VS Starting From Scratch

Paying To Get Something Fixed VS Starting From Scratch

I was reading an interesting post today about a person that used an offshore outsourcing company to build a site for his business. It sounded really cheap too where he paid only three figures for the entire job. Problem is? The site doesn’t even work at all and the guy just ran.

So, now the owner is trying to find someone local to fix the site for him. Similarly though, he wants someone to do it for dirt cheap. Ironically, in this line of work getting someone else to come in after will cost even more money because the new person has to review everything that the previous person did and modify that.

Therefore, I was thinking how in situations like this it is just better to start from scratch. It’s like having a house where half of it can break easily because of the material that the person used. Thinking about it too, why would you even want to use any of it after an experience like that? Cheaper in more ways than one to do it from scratch.

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