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Paying To Cloud Your Professional Your History

I heard an interesting detail today about a person who has a rather unpleasant past with loads of disgruntled customers and business partners. As a result, everyone who does their due diligence on the person will discover all these articles and reviews about him which would naturally scare away future business. As it turns out, it seems like the person has enlisted the help of a business to try and flood the public space with positive news and information about the person instead.

I was thinking about this and generally speaking that probably is a better idea where instead of trying to fight everyone who publishes anything negative about you the reaction should be to simply tell your side in a different perspective. The best examples I can think of are product reviews where businesses hire like an online reputation management expert. Although there are a ton of phoney reviews in these cases, instead of the business trying to defend its products they simply target any negative campaign against them to then try to get people to read something positive about them instead.

I wonder how effective this is for a professional though. For example, if a person has a record just last year of say stealing money from a corporate account I think that one negative piece will outshine all of the artificial propaganda that one would try to flood the public space with. It must cost a lot of money to do this though.

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