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Paying So Much To Get Inspirations

I was talking to a person today who was looking to start a business. The trouble was he has no idea what to do, but he does have the funds to pretty much start almost any type of business you can think of. The interesting thing to me were the things that he was doing to try and get ideas. This included attending conventions that were hundreds of dollars to hopefully see something that would inspire him to do something. There were other examples too such as paying for trips to travel to other places in hopes to see different things than what he was used to.

All in all, even after all that he still didn’t get any ideas and I was just thinking on the money that he spent as a result. For myself if I ever do spend money it’s usually on small things like maybe a book. One good way to get ideas I found is to simply ask like say a business owner of some sort if they would be willing to let you see how they manage their business in general for a day and what it is like. Almost like being a student in school and getting work experience.

I often found that just the unique experience on how different people run an operation and seeing how they interact with customers really gets the brain going as even if you are not interested in working in doing business in their industry you just start to think things such as how you would do things differently if you made the call. You may think most people will say no way in allowing you to see them run their daily operations, but from my experience most people are kind of flattered that you would even be interested. Just one way I would try to get inspirations for ideas that doesn’t cost anything.

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