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Paying Money To Learn Versus Being Bullied Around

I was reading an unfortunate story today where a child apparently died as a result of injuries sustained from taking a martial arts class. The repulsing thing about this story is that the person was repeatedly thrown in a judo drill where even though he was expressing pain the instructor insisted that he would have to be repeatedly thrown as even other students began to do so.

The boy then had to be on life support where he was eventually on it for so long that the parents decided to pull the plug. Of course the instructor will be charged, but it actually makes me think how many times when people sign up for classes like these they could be dealing with someone who doesn’t have their best interest in mind to the point where it’s just a very abusive environment to be in.

This could be in other industries as well such as a class teaching people how to build items or cook food where the instructor seems to enjoy belittling people. It’s always surprising to me when people stay though in those circumstances since they are the customer that deserves professionalism. It’s one thing to be tough to get the best out of people and another where one doesn’t take care of people’s health and well being. This story was on the more extreme end of course, but don’t be afraid to take your business elsewhere.

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