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Paying High Prices For Supposive Collectibles

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If there is one thing I can definitely say which is eating up a lot of the money of tourists it’s from all these generic items that are being sold around Olympic venues. As a result, a lot of people think they are buying limited collectibles of sort and are paying big dollars for it. This almost reminds me of how when you visit a place like Disneyland they sell these mugs that have names on it where in reality it’s not too expensive to do. Instead, you just think it is so unique since you are at the event site.

I think the people that saved the most money are the ones that actually have friends or family members that live in the city and therefore are more savvy to guide people on what exactly is a good purchase and is truly a unique collectible. It seems like anything to do with pins seems to generate a lot of buzz and people willing to do almost anything to collect various sets.

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