Paying All The Bills At Once
Financial Management

Paying All The Bills At Once

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One of the habits I have in terms of paying bills which I find helps to keep me organize is that I usually try and pay for everything on the same day when possible. For example, I would often get things like my monthly cell phone bill along with other things. Since I usually have a few weeks until the actual due date upon receiving the statement, what I do is wait for all of my monthly bills and then once I receive them I pay them all off on the same day.

I know this doesn’t exactly sound like an extremely difficult or technically ingenious way to manage money, but for me it ensures that I am dedicating a day to make sure everything is paid off. I personally find that you can easily forget about your finances if you simply wing it, so to speak, as opposed to actually dedicating time to making sure everything is in check.

Not only that, but in order to pay your bills this way it means you must know pretty much by heart on when your due dates are for everything. You may think this is daunting, but when you make your finances a lifestyle habit like this it will simply be natural habit.

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