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Being Patient Based On Potential or What You See

There were two interesting scenarios today which I thought was kind of neat in terms of mindset when it comes to benefiting from a potential opportunity. Basically I was at a night market where it was actually the second last day and therefore all of the major festivities and merchants have already finished their contribution. So the day wasn’t as busy with people or merchants.

For the most part with even one hour left in the event you actually saw people starting to wrap up as by the looks of the crowd flow things weren’t going to change. Kind of makes sense where this saves you time in leaving. At the same time there were people that stayed all the way knowing that there would still be people. Sure enough while some people wrapped up the people that stayed opened got all of the new wave of people that passed by.

Makes you think how you can’t always just base things on what you immediately see. Instead maybe using more of analytical approach in terms of data would be better. Like here I gather those guys that stayed opened figured at a certain time more people are inclined to pass by such as people arriving back from other events which was the case. I guess it’s like saying look beyond what you see.

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