Parents Using Kids To Get Free Stuff
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Parents Using Kids To Get Free Stuff

Today I saw a lady that was using her two kids to try and get stuff for free. Essentially, she kept going up to everyone in this event saying how she has two girls that would love have certain items and therefore wanted it for free. She actually lined up for events where you normally need a ticket too. Basically, when people refused she would make a big deal that she lined up for so long and that it was unfair.

While I understand people want to save money, I can’t believe people would do things like this though. Is it actually worth it in the end to save a few bucks this way? It’s almost like going to a restaurant and eating the food. Afterwards you try to get your tab paid by saying you have kids that need it. Even I would be inclined to say that it’s time to find work if you can’t afford things.

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