Packaging Company Products Like A Personal Gift

Packaging Company Products Like A Personal Gift

Recently I bought a hand warmer for the winter season as this one should have a fairly good capacity from the looks of it and being able to act as a phone charger is always an additional benefit. When I proceeded to open the package I was expecting the basics such as the item and some accessories. The manuals are usually thin nowadays for these items too which was indeed the case here.

But the most surprising thing is that when you first open it there was this little greeting card of sort saying “Best Wish” that seemed more like something you would see from a friend that bought you a gift. Kind of like attaching a holiday card to the occasion in question. It made me think if this would actually be a good practice for all manufacturers to implement or for certain items.

For example, I don’t think people buying a TV would care too much about little messages like these. Whereas if people bought some kind of handcrafted artwork then I can see a more personable approach being more effective.

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