Opting For High End Products Due To Availability
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Opting For High End Products Due To Availability

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Computer parts at the moment seem to be very scarce where because of this people are buying them simply to resell to others in order to make a profit. It’s gotten so bad that there are actually literally bot programs that go around the Internet and simply buy up stock whenever it become available to then resell it at a higher price. While a lot of people would just be patient instead of paying crazy high prices, it’s kind of interesting to hear how many people are opting to buying the most expensive versions of the equipment they were thinking due to availability issues.

For example, imagine a high end computer processor that that you wanted to buy which retails for about $800. The lack of availability and markups make it now closer to $1000 if you want to buy one right away. But with that thought and looking at the price tag many are simply just opting to buy the extremely high end processors priced at around $1500 as those are more readily available.

Can you imagine substantially changing your purchasing budget like that? But if you had the choice to pay extremely marked up prices for the inferior version I guess in many ways it does make sense if you can make it work financially with the factor of actually needing it right away.

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