Opportunities From Being Helpful

Opportunities From Being Helpful

What a surprising day today. I recently agreed to help teach a person in regards to topics concerning on how to manage a blogging platform as it was something I do all the time and felt I would have fun doing so as well. The person did offer to pay me for my time and in general it felt a little strange as I never actually charged people for stuff like this.

The session turned out good and as an extra effort to hope that the person sees a lot of success I voluntarily offered information such as how search engines can be affected based on how the site is created and managed. It was definitely new and useful information for her. This then resulted in her asking if I was seriously interested in taking over her company’s online marketing tasks as she needed someone to help her with those items.

I guess you can say that was definitely unexpected. It then just made me think how there are probably thousands of others looking for opportunities like that in a more traditional way such as a company advertising for help. Yet in this example it just came out of nowhere as a result of simply doing something that I thought would be fun and helpful. Just goes to show too that many times opportunities can come from anywhere and so you should broaden yourself as you never know what activity might generate them.

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