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Being Open About A Sales Pitch To Maintain Trust At Times

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With the year about to end there are a ton of businesses that are preparing for the new year’s rush of people pledging to achieve goals such as health and career related topics. As a result I have been bombarded with so many unsolicited pitches on why one should enroll in some kind of service with specific companies. There was one example that stuck out to me as there was a person at first who was trying to claim that he changed his business to offer something great as he believes that is what people need. He started by sounding semi authentic. However, you can immediately tell it was a sales pitch once things like the numbers came in. The fact that it wasn’t mentioned in the beginning often makes me turn the other way.

I find this is more common with people as consumers are generally way more educated with information at the click of a mouse. For example, if you are ever unsure about a business one simple search can pretty much list all the textbook pitches for you to see and how it works psychologically. With that in mind I think at times it’s actually better to just to be upfront about it as opposed to masking it as if you are doing some kind of charity work.

I know for myself at least it puts me in the mindset that I should be trying to evaluate the offering as is fairly. If one is trying to use the caring and generosity factor when one knows that isn’t the case afterwards as it is just a sales pitch the trust just collapses so quickly. Whatever happened to just being honest and allowing your work or service to speak for itself? It might work for those who are less willing to do basic research, but these days almost everyone is ready to research if a company is say legit or not in what they say.

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