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Online Discounts While At The Restaurant

Today I went to a restaurant for dinner as my parents came back from a vacation and so they wanted visit and figured we go out to eat somewhere. My dad wanted to try this restaurant around the neighborhood and the funny thing was that I specifically remembered this place partnering with an online company that tried to cater to people who want to order their food online where they can then get it delivered, pick it up to go or simply dine in.

As well, since I usually visit a lot of discount and money saving sites I knew a ton of promotional codes such as getting 20% your entire order if you order through that site. So I figured why couldn’t I just turn on my phone and order through this site right now to save money? Sure enough, it worked. The thought of ordering through your phone when you are actually there is a little weird I guess, but a pain-free way to save some money.

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