Offering Services Instead of Money
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Offering Services Instead of Money

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For one reason or another today there appeared to be news about Nadya Suleman who is known as the “Octomom.” Naturally, any story attached to her brings up topics on how she appears to rely on various forms of media attention in order to bring in money to take care of the kids. It is surprising though when I read that he did do things such as go on what appeared to be luxurious shopping sprees.

There were then some interesting questions as there was actually people who continually donated to her by helping to fix up the house a bit and asked how they felt about it. There was apparently a person that said they weren’t doing it for her at all but rather for the kids she had. That then kind of reminded me how if you are ever trying to help someone financially then usually just offering help in the form of a service is a lot better than giving them money. Because if they are bad with money in the first place what makes you think they will spend that $10 buying a few groceries to support themselves as opposed to $10 at a coffee shop for one hour?

In many ways too, that kind of donation kind of forces people to realize that it’s more about the “luxuries” they want in life and so if they want those they are on their own.

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