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Novelty Trade To Receive a Big Discount

This is kind of funny I thought as I was told how a person essentially gave a food vendor some swag from an event where the items were free. The person appreciated it so much that they were willing to offer their meals at a 60% discount. That’s a pretty significant discount if you think about it for essentially what is probably like a $1 item.

Kind of makes you think how sometimes items that have a simple novelty factor to it can be valued so much by others that we often underestimate the cash value that people are willing to place upon it. In some ways I guess you can say this is why people often try to take all the free things they can get from events and conventions as you never know how valuable they can be to others. Just have to have the balance of course where you aren’t say turning into a hoarder where it actually cost you money to try and keep all this stuff that you don’t personally use or value.

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