Not Understanding The Value of What You Are Getting or Have
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Not Understanding The Value of What You Are Getting or Have

When it comes to money and shopping understanding whether or not something is good value for your money is important I feel to shop smart and spend wisely. But today there was a funny example of value when it comes to resources for your business which made me think how not knowing can cause you to lose a lot of opportunities.

The scenario was the person was looking to get advertising and exposure for his business and he was presented with an example on how he can at least get 50 people a day looking at his product where it doesn’t require any monetary investment. His first reaction was “that’s it” as he didn’t understand that 50 people a day in itself was actually a lot as his mindset was if he didn’t get one million people as an example then it is not good.

If you think about it that would be about 1500 people a month without spending anything which is pretty darn good. Especially for him where if even one converted into a customer that is a very good return of investment. Why this was interesting was how he was going to originally blow it off all together as his sense of value was to simply compare it to an over the top example that not many people can do let alone for free.

It kind of reminds me of people selling super valuable items at a garage sale because to them something just seems less valuable appearance wise compared to something else that is well known. I suppose like there it is important to not always directly compare one thing to another as if they were exactly the same item literally. That would be different. Because you could be throwing away something valuable.

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