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Not Saving Money But Getting More

There was this one item in which I was holding out for a sale as I have seen it for about $30 less frequently. Just today, I saw that a store was having a spend over $150 and get $25 off special. The thing is, this item doesn’t cost $150. Therefore, to get the discount I would have to buy an add-on item. While the add-on item would be useful for the main item I wanted to get, I wasn’t going to buy it normally. It then made me wonder, would you consider this just as good as saving $25 off the main item to make it a buy now deal?

The thing that runs in my mind is that this add-on item is at full price. That could mean that if I simply waited for a sale for both items maybe I would save more. If I intended to buy that add-on item in the first place then that is a different story as it would be silly to not just buy it with this deal. A lot of places like cellular phone stores often thrown in free accessories as a way to get you to sign up with them. Usually in those cases the free items are meaningless to me as I would rather get a better deal on a monthly plan since this is a recurring expense.

I know a lot of people don’t think that way where accepting the deal is only good if you would actually save money based on your overall shopping intentions. Otherwise it’s like going to a restaurant and getting an all you can eat offer for dishes that you normally wouldn’t enjoy or order. More isn’t always better I guess you can say as sometimes you just need the best deal for what you actually need.

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