Not Ready To Just Blindly Trust AI Work

Not Ready To Just Blindly Trust AI Work

What a fascinating story this was where I was reading how an aviation lawyer was using ChatGPT to do legal research in an effort to push a lawsuit for one of his client. The AI then generated all these cases for him which would be perfect to present to the judge. Saves a lot of time from having to hire a human to dig through cases huh? Unfortunately, it was reported that these cases that ChatGPT referenced were in act all fake. This kind of destroys the lawyer’s reputation I guess you can say.

You should normally be double checking sources and references I would imagine in these important scenarios. Especially if you are a professional. But it shows too that we aren’t quite there yet in terms of being able to just pass on these kinds of work to an AI bot in hopes that it can simply replace a human huh?

Imagine having an AI bot to screen out another AI bot’s work in the future kind of like we do with people and making sure things go past a quality assurance phase with multiple eyes.

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