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Not Enough Time VS Not Enough Passion

So recently I was working on a project that had an extreme time crunch that required a lot of dedication and commitment above normal means. In between all this I was talking to a person on how whenever I personally commit to something I am willing to do what it takes. Just like accepting some kind of business agreement, if you agreed to it then you need to find a way to fulfill it.

Now the person kind of implied to me that time was a factor for him in doing this as there simply wasn’t enough time in the day. I then threw an interesting comment on how if this was like say a $100,000 project then I‘m sure the story would be different. Sure enough, he responded by saying that was different as there would be a lot of money to motivate him to do so.

I thought that was such a perfect example on how usually when people say there is never enough time in the day as a reason to not do something that usually the real reason is that they are not passionate or motivated enough about what they are doing.

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