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Having No Room For Error Thoughts And When Something Happens

Today I had an unfortunate experience where I allowed the computer to render some files as usual and for the most part it seemed to complete the task without an issue. However, upon trying to view the file it seemed corrupted as something went wrong. Therefore I had to run the process all over again which would take another hour. My time is usually pretty set too where I don’t normally allocate extra time for it. While this is okay in the sense of it’s not like this was for a client or anything it sure made me think about the times where you have no room for error and how much of a dilemma you could be in if something did happen like that.

Like in cases like this what would you do business wise? For example, simply offer an apology or trying to offer something extra to make up for it? I know for a lot of people that is usually why they have the under promise and over deliver mentality. For example, like schedule wise they would actually say a week even though they are pretty certain they can do it faster. So when they finish it in like two days then the client is super happy where at the same time it gives them a huge amount of space if something did go wrong.

Although that is tricky for situation when time is sensitive such as if people ran a courier company of some sort where you can’t exactly do that since people want exact times. I suppose all you really can do in those cases is to offer some kind of extra compensation huh if things happen?

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