No Price Grocery Listing Deals At Supermarkets
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No Price Grocery Listing Deals At Supermarkets

The other day while going to the supermarket I noticed they all had pineapples on sale. Usually you could expect to pay about $4 each but they were now under $2. So I grabbed a pair. When I returned today I was thinking of getting more as it was a great deal. While there were these large pineapples, there was no price. Usually these would get snapped up pretty fast as well which makes you think the deal must not be that great.

However, because I know the weekly prices should still be in affect, what I did was I took one and scanned it manually on a price checker. Sure enough, it indicated that it was $1.87 per pineapple. I ended up buying another pair. These ones are pretty large as well.

I am confident where if the price was actually displayed on the shelf people would have bought it out quickly like last time. I suppose that shows two things. As a consumer, never hesitant to check the prices when there is none on display as it could be a great buy. For the business, it kind of demonstrates how influential basic signage can be in getting people to either make a purchase or simply bypass the product.

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