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Needing Rewards To Save As Opposed To Spending

Needing Rewards To Save As Opposed To Spending

Today I was reading about this site called which by the sounds of it is kind of like a rewards program where instead of being a program focused in rewarding you for purchases it tries to reward you for doing things such as saving money or paying off a debt. I don’t think I could try this to see how it is as it sounds like it is US based only, but it sure made me wonder if these types of rewards can encourage people to save if something like gaining interest at a bank isn’t a good enough motivator to put money in it.

It does seem like they are trying to make saving and managing your money more like a game. So in some ways I suppose it’s one of those if you treat something as being more fun rather than work then you are more inclined to do it. I guess for some it’s like exercising where while for many your health is a good enough motivator to do so for many they need to package it in a different way to motivate them them to do so. Interesting idea overall.

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