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My Monthly Credit Card Statement As My Financial Advisor

It was time to pay off all those billings that I incurred as a result of all the Christmas shopping and regular needs. As usually, I paid everything off at once with the only difference being that the statement balance was a lot higher than normal due to Christmas shopping and all. What was funny though was how I was looking at the list of charges to make sure there were no errors and I must say it is kind of financially educational to look at it.

For example, I saw this one day where I purchased these bus tickets to take my nephew to the mall which required fares to get there and back. I was then sitting there thinking that was kind of a financial blunder as I could have just bought a pack of tickets at a store for way less. So maybe I should buy a pack and have one on handy always incase I ever need to use it like in times like that to save money.

A lot of people would probably spend money on financial advisors to find cost saving methods and in a situation like this all you need to do is simply look at your spending habits which will more than likely change your financial habits. I know a lot of people usually say you should spend cash only if you are bad with money, but in cases like you should use the tools that are available to you or free I think.

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