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Moving Closer To Your Place of Work

Would you actually think of literally moving your place of resident to somewhere closer to your workplace as a way to save money? Example, imagine you rent an apartment and it takes you an hour to get to work. Would you actually think of relocating to save transportation expenses? While obviously there are a lot more factors to moving, this was a topic I heard about the other day and what surprised me was that many people don’t even consider it at all.

In some cases I heard it would only be an initial minor annoyance of having to move. Other than that they would save so much in expenses such as gas and generally having more free time to do other things in the day. In many ways it makes me think how we simply don’t like change even if it makes sense logistically and financially. Of course this probably doesn’t make sense if you are simply working at a job that is intended to be temporary. But if you are set on a career with a particular business evaluating if it makes financial sense to relocate should be an equally important way to save money I think.

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