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Is Being Motivated By Money Risky

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Today there was an interesting topic that came up where it was the general topic that you have heard a ton of times of people who do things simply because they are passionate about it. Many times that results in individuals creating some kind of business out of it by accident. So today someone was saying how he felt another person’s hobby was in a sense so dumb as it sounded like a waste of time. That is until the person found out how much he made then his tune changed where he became highly interested in doing t as well.

That kind of made me wonder, do you think it is risky to go into like say a business with this type of scenario where you are motivated only by money? It’s funny as most business people would say the bottom line is a business has to make money. So really jumping into something just for money kind of fits with that mindset.

Then again, for myself it just seems like this is a situation where you still have to find people who are actually knowledgeable or passionate about the item itself to succeed. It’s almost like you have to be a venture capitalist where you try to find the right people to give money and resources to. In that sense it is not as risky compared to actually trying to do it yourself I feel. I would imagine it will generally show such as trying to pass oneself as like a genuine hobbyist of sort where people can tell you are not.

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