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Money And Training Versus Actually Trying Until You Succeed

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I was thinking today as recently I was reflecting back on a person who kept saying he couldn’t do various things because he felt like he needed a ton more training and resources. He basically didn’t want to look dumb by the sounds of it or produce things that look bad where people will look down on him. I then asked him to give me an example on someone else’s work that he aspired to do. Funny enough he talked about a particular person who I then told him he was actually a high school dropout where he basically self-taught himself.

As months went by he didn’t get any further training it seems and ultimately that means he didn’t do anything either. It makes you think how sometimes just trying something in itself is like getting the education you feel you need. By stopping yourself with the thought that you have to have say an expensive training background would make me wonder if that is more of an excuse as opposed to needing the skills technically to start.

In this particular scenario I think that was the case because even after the fact that the person who he wished to in a sense emulate didn’t have training he didn’t really see that as motivation to at least try something and just didn’t do anything. That can be dangerous financially too where if you are afraid to do things that have virtually no risk per se then you could be one of those people who spend thousands in training to then not really do anything with it.

There is always room for both of course but I think you should always have that drive to be a doer in these cases before spending so much time and money to be ready on paper only. In many cases you can save money by seeing how much you can actually learn and do yourself first.

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