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Money or Treat

Today is Halloween of course and for a lot of kids that means getting free candy. One thing that I have heard more people do recently is that instead of giving out candy they actually just give kids money. Example, the person gets like a whole roll of dimes or quarters and then just gives each kid one. Suppose it saves time from having to shop for candy.

When I was a kid going trick or treating with others I think this only happened like twice. Of course, we were actually more excited to get the money rather than the candy since we could buy what we wanted with it. While that kind of ruins the spirit of the event in many ways, that made me wonder if you actually save money doing that. At the same time the person getting it is not going to complain.

I think the in-between is buying those large coupon books where you can get like a free small ice-cream cone and you give each kid one.

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