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Minor Inconveniences Is Still Good

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So I have a remote control where it is one of those universal ones that can operate virtually every equipment. To charge it up you would have to put it on this docking station of sort. Recently it seems like it has worn off a little where when you place the remote in the charging dock it doesn’t actually charge. I suppose that is due to natural wear and tear. You actually have to place a little bit of pressure on the remote to get it to charge now.

The funny thing was how a person said that I should just purchase a new docking station for the device. However, my thought is that there are so many ways to add simple pressure to the remote to get it to charge that it seems like waste of money to just replace it all together. Example, even placing a toy block on top of it will do the job.

I always believe in cases like this that you should try and milk the item for all its worth or until it truly breaks where you can’t use it anymore. Saves you a lot of money this way.

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