Method of Payments Can Be Costing You Business

Method of Payments Can Be Costing You Business

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Today while going to this Jugo Juice store I noticed that there was a sign that said cash only. This was odd as this was a fairly established business and usually only smaller companies do this. As it turned out their terminals were down. While I rarely spend cash I did so as I was doing some try outs at this place. Just a few seconds later a person walks by with a disgruntled reaction on how they still are only taking cash as it was like that the day before too. He eventually just left without purchasing anything.

That kind of shows that how you allow customers to pay for your products and services can actually be a major factor as to whether or not they will do business with you. To think something this simple as realistically this was in the mall and you could easily pull some cash out of the all the banks nearby. But for many people using the card is the way to go and so many will opt to skip a business that doesn’t offer things like a credit card payment.

This can often be true online where for lesser known businesses as a lot of people are actually paranoid about entering their credit card directly. Instead they would rather use something like Paypal where if the company doesn’t offer it then people won’t buy from them. So you definitely need to think about that.

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