Mentioning That You Are Budget Conscious
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Mentioning That You Are Budget Conscious

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Today there was a scenario where a person was recommending me all these items that could potentially help with my productivity when it comes to doing various work while at the same time it could enhance the types of things I get to work on. For the most part whenever I enlist the help of someone I try my best to take their advice and apply it. If they say I need to purchase something then I usually do it without much thought as I trust them to be the expert. But recently there was an example where the fact that I never mentioned that I was budget conscious had the person simply recommend anything and everything. While it could help it wasn’t recommended in a way that gives the best value for what I need.

I guess an example would be if you need to go grocery shopping and the person goes in without money being a factor in any way they will get you the most expensive brands regardless if that no name brand will do just as well if not better for what you need. It’s not until I mentioned about the budget conscious aspect when they kind of stopped and actually tried harder to get things that made sense value wise.

Sometimes even if you don’t really have a specific budget where you are open to investing in things you still need to mention that you want the best value for your dollar. Otherwise that it is like a one way ticket to debt. Very common to how rich people just lose it all due to careless spending where one thinks the money will never run out. If you worked hard to be in a fortunate position to still able to work to stay here as well financially.

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