Mentality of Having Less Empathy For The People Who Earn More

Mentality of Having Less Empathy For The People Who Earn More

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Recently I was having a casual conversation about money and the type of work that people do. In one instance there was a person that got paid about $20/hr to do some simple labor work and then there was another guy that got about $30/hr with the difference being he had to do it in a semi harsher environment such as getting wet and being cold. So the first comment was that he felt sorry for the $30/hr guy as he is doing so much for so little compared to the $20/hr person. A comment then came up how the guy makes more and it’s justified.

The interesting thing though is how little sympathy people usually have for people who earn more in general. For example, one gets paid more so it’s justified with whatever the condition is. That’s kind of tricky sometimes although I was kind of confused how a person that gets paid 50% more isn’t considered a lot. I would assume in a lot of cases, especially with harsh weather, whoever is doing the job was say specifically trained in some fashion to be able to handle those conditions as well. In that regards I could see how one would say they get paid more routine.

The main thing that I would say that’s bad is if the person is like being tortured where they can’t actually handle those conditions or at the same time they are getting paid equal to someone else doing arguably easier work. I think if you were an employer this should be a super important topic as I don’t feel this is something you can just look at the numbers to figure it out. Like saying if one guy lifts 100 pounds then the other guy should be able to lift 200 at double the rate. I would imagine the difficult is way greater to be able to do 200.

I often found the best companies in this regard aren’t necessarily the ones that just pay more and let you figure it out but rather they actively try and make things easier. It’s like having the basic understanding that the person is probably going to injure something pretty quickly lifting 200 pounds every ten minutes per se. That actually costs everyone more money in the end. If you are working with real people all day then in my opinion you always have to have a certain level of empathy.

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